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💩 Giving a Shit as a Service — Allen Pike

In a globalized society, there's an abundance of services from massive companies that lack the extra level of care you might expect from a smaller operation. Allen Pike shares a mental model for the value you can get from smaller service providers:

In some ways, that’s the fundamental value proposition of a small boutique, whether it be a furniture shop or a software studio. Giving a shit as a service. Sure, you can always get a commodity good from off the shelf – when you’re selling soybean oil by the 100 ton lot, nobody wants to have a conversation with you about the subtle flavour profiles of different bean oils. But sometimes, you want to buy from someone that’s obsessed about the final product.
Giving a Shit as a Service
A mental model for service businesses.

🎞 What Are Quota Quickies? — The Cinema History Blog

Post-WWI Britain had a problem: Its film industry, which was previously a global leader of the emerging art form, was struggling and faced stiff competition from American studios.

So parliament signed a bill called the Cinematograph Films Act, which mandated that by 1936, 20% of all films shown in cinemas had to be British.

These were films that raced through production in order to hit the quota.
Films were churned out in a matter of days. Budgets were tiny.
And… most of them weren’t that great. Surprisingly. [...]

Did It Work?
To everyone’s surprise, it did. Sort of.

See also: Strathern's insight — "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

What Are Quota Quickies? – The Cinema History Blog

(Thanks to my friend Jim for sharing this bit of history with me.)

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