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My name is John, and I'm a marketer and creative technologist with a background in the performing arts.

This blog is about the ideas and stories that resonate with me, which I write about in hopes that they help open doors for others. I'm interested in how the world works, what we can do to make it better, and how we can live more intentionally.

I'm also deeply curious about the interplay between art and technology, and the ways in which both of them enrich our lives.

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Cosmic Songs
Topic: 💫 Antidisciplinary
Even if you're not a composer, your life echoes through the universe.

Imposter Syndrome
Topic: 📖 Storytelling
If being the first man to walk on the moon isn't enough to silence self-doubt, then perhaps it's a universal experience.

Death Will Tremble
Topic: ❤️ Relationships
Most hotels don't have a graveyard on their front lawn. But if you visit the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island, you'll find one there.

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About Me

I'm the Marketing and Operations Manager for The Actors Gymnasium, a circus school just outside of Chicago, and am also a freelance Apple Certified Support Professional.

Sometimes I play the violin with my foot. Here's my appearance on season 2 of ABC's The Gong Show:

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