Changing Stories

Changing the stories we tell ourselves is the precursor to change.

In fact, it's the most powerful way to initiate it.

There's a reason why the first step in Alocoholics Anonymous is admitting you have a problem. It’s a lot harder, if not impossible, to break an addiction without first acknowledging that it’s an issue and changing your self narrative.

And at the societal level, stories inform how we see the world as well. The Civil Rights movement, for example, depended on the 13th and 14th amendments, which ended the 3/5ths compromise. If you want to achieve equal rights, you'll need a shared narrative about how all people are created equal.

Having a system in place helps when enacting change. But what if the existing system is built on prejudiced and racist assumptions and needs to be completely transformed?

Start by turning the page with a new story. A story about how the American dream isn't just about working hard.

It's about giving everyone a fair shot at a life of dignity, free to pursue happiness and prosperity.


Reflections on creating systems to sustainably grow your impact on the world.
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