In a globalized world, it's no longer possible to constrain an attack to a single country. We're too connected for that.

Attacking a country is now an attack on the world order. The atrocities are livestreamed, and the aftershocks reach people on the other side of the globe: Friends lost to violence, coworkers displaced, supply chain disruption, inflation, falling stock markets, fuel shortages, and on and on.

This interconnectedness has its fair share of challenges, but it also makes humanity stronger.

When we zoom out and look at the long arc of the post-WWII world, there is much to celebrate and be hopeful about: Extreme poverty, hunger, and the number of people who die in state-sponsored violence each year has been falling.

In other words, suffering – when measured through these lenses – is going down over time.

A single dictator can’t reverse that trend.

We’re too resilient for that.


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