Saturated Markets

If you ever feel like something isn't worth doing because it's already been done, look no further than Houston, Texas, where you will find a Starbucks across from another Starbucks.

If you're like me, you might find this unbelievable. But comedian Lewis Black has been there, and Redditor u/CharlesDrake has photo evidence:

If this little corner of the world can support two Starbucks, then isn't anything possible?

Google was the 24th search engine. Can you imagine what the history of the internet would look like if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had looked at the other 23 search engines and gave up before starting because online search had already been done?

Even in a saturated market, there's alway room to improve something, or at least to provide your own unique expression of it. (Or in Starbucks' case, the market may not be as saturated as you think it is!)

Jon Stewart was recently asked why he chose now to create his new show in a world that is full of Daily Show-style topical satire programs. He replied, "Imagine saying to someone who plays guitar, 'Lotta guitarists out there, man.' There’s no question, but this is a song I want to sing."

Go sing your song.
Start another search engine.
Open a Starbucks across from another Starbucks.

It's all been done before. Don't let that stop you.


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