Links for February 6, 2022

🧺 This startup is turning the laundromat into the doctor’s office — Fast Company

Fabric Health is reducing the friction to access public health programs. One can imagine to scaling this approach to help enroll voters, provide support to folks in danger of losing their housing, and more:

“You have to meet busy families where they are, in the time that they have,” says Fabric Health cofounder Allister Chang. A typical family that uses a laundromat might spend two hours each weekend in the space—sitting on plastic chairs with little to do as they wait for loads of laundry to finish washing and drying. The same customers are also less likely to have time to go to the doctor during the week.

⚓️ A Search Begins for the Wreck Behind an Epic Tale of Survival NY Times

The early 20th century saw the rise of Antarctic exploration. As a kid, I loved the story of Shackleton's failed expedition to be the first to cross the continent. It's a story of heroic leadership and an inspiring example of starting before you're ready (is anyone ever truly ready to cross Antarctica with 1915 technology?).

A team of researchers is now trying to document the historic site:

“It’s the most unreachable wreck ever,” said Mensun Bound, a marine archaeologist and director of exploration of the expedition, Endurance22. “Which makes this the greatest wreck hunt of all time.”

👩‍💻 How an Excel TikToker manifested her way to making six figures a day — The Verge

Kat Norton is a great example of the long tail, which refers to the nearly infinite number of niche markets out there. Norton has found tremendous success creating bubbly, dance videos that provide short Excel tips.

By leveraging that audience to sell full online Excel courses, she found a way to make a full-time income in a matter of months.

It was April 2020 at that point — I didn’t create Miss Excel until June, two months later. This wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I didn’t even have a TikTok — I turned to my mother and said, “Mom, I’m going to be rich and famous soon so I need you to prepare your nervous system for that.” She was laughing.

And more:

💼 People don't work as much as you think — Overthinking Everything

There is a persistent idea that people work 40 hours a week. They don't, and if you try to do this it will break you. Here are some more reasonable guidelines.

🏬 This startup helps small businesses buy their buildings so they don’t get priced out — Fast Company

Many favorite local stores close when new landlords jack up their rent. Withco wants to help them become their own landlords, instead.

🎭 The Madness of Method Acting — The Atlantic

Does acting need to be grueling to be good?

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