πŸ’« Antidisciplinary

3 posts

Exploring innovation and new forms of creative expression at the intersection of art and science.

🎨 Art

4 posts

"Art is whatever you can get away with." – Marshall McLuhan

πŸ“ Creativity

11 posts

Overcoming the challenge of facing a blank canvas in order to create meaningful work.

🀝 Leadership

1 post

Leading the change we want to see in the world.

πŸ“£ Marketing

6 posts

Communicating the change we want to make in the world.

πŸ”’ Math

5 posts

The art of quantifying our world.

🧠 Mental Models

4 posts

Frameworks for thinking about and understanding the world and our impact on it.

😌 Mindfulness

14 posts

Reframing our perspective in order to find a greater sense of peace with ourselves and the world.

βšͺ️ Minimalism

2 posts

Getting rid of excess to focus on what matters most.

πŸ’― Perfectionism

2 posts

Letting go of perfect expands what we’re capable of.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Productivity

11 posts

Working smarter, not harder, to get more done.

❀️ Relationships

9 posts

Navigating the challenges and joys that arise in our relationships with others.

πŸ”¬ Science

1 post

Methodically expanding our understanding of the world.

🌎 Society

7 posts

Our culture, the issues facing it, and what we can do to address them.

πŸ“– Storytelling

6 posts

When we change the stories we tell ourselves and others, we change too – both as individuals and as a society.

πŸ–₯ Technology

2 posts

"Technology is everything that doesn't work yet." – Danny Hillis

⏳ Time Confetti

3 posts

Finding focus in a noisy world.


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