😴 The Power of Sleep — The Knowledge Project [Podcast]

An interesting an actionable discussion on why sleep is so important, as well as what you can do to improve yours:

Renowned sleep scientist Matthew Walker discusses everything you need to know about what a better night’s sleep can do for your life, and how to prioritize and perfect the way you sleep. Walker breaks down how to identify when you need more sleep, how to deal with insomnia, the best devices to track your sleep, and some unconventional sleep hygiene tips, including why it’s never a good idea to count sheep.

🐝 Honeybees Social Distance to Prevent Disease, Too — Scientific American

Animals (even insects) are often smarter than we give them credit for:

Humans are not the only animals that practice social distancing to deal with a deadly pathogen: A new study shows honeybees change their behavior and use of space to avoid spreading Varroa destructor mites, which feed on bees’ organs and can harbor nasty viruses. Researchers observed these changes in wild and caged bees infected with the mites, which are one of the biggest global threats to honeybees.

❤️ Amid missile attacks, Russian soldiers send Tinder requests to Ukrainians — Mint

I'm not sure how credible this report is, but even if there are few occurrences of this happening, it further underscores just how connected we are:

Ukrainian women in second city Kharkiv — just 20 miles from tyrannical Vladimir Putin’s vast invasion force — have been stunned by a salvo of admirers in uniform.

📺 A Relevant Video

Here's a fun addition to this week's post "Innovation vs. Distribution":

In this short one-minute commercial, Xerox introduces its vision for the office of the future. Years ahead of its time, the 1972 Xerox Alto featured Ethernet networking, a full page display, a mouse, laser printing, e-mail, and a windows-based user interface.

🐦 A Couple Artistic Tweets

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