Effective Marketing

When your attempts to share your ideas with the world aren't reaching enough people, it's tempting to simply yell louder.

But it's a noisy world, and turning up the volume doesn't necessarily make people want to listen to you more. Nobody likes being hustled.

If you've got something really great to share β€” something that solves a rational problem, appeals to people emotionally, or both β€”Β it's much easier to start by finding the kind of people it's for.

Ask them if you can share how they might be able to improve their life.

Then, once you have their attention, tell them the story about what you have to offer. If you focus on what already motivates them, you'll start to establish trust, because they'll feel empathized with and understood.

And once people lean in to what you have to say, there's no need to yell anymore.


Reflections on creating systems to sustainably grow your impact on the world.
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