Your Process is the Product

Elon Musk once summarized Tesla's approach in just five words:

"The factory is the product."

Tesla doesn't make cars, it makes factories β€”Β the cars are just the byproduct. And the bigger and better its factories get, the more cars it can produce at a higher quality.

You don't have to be in the auto industry to use this framing to transform your entire approach to your job.

If you're the operations manager at a logistics company, your product isn't the deliveries, it's the network of computers and couriers that can quickly and accurately route goods.

If you're a senior graphic designer at an agency, your product is your team and its collective experience, which enables you to deliver high quality results for your clients on time.

And if you're a teacher, your product is your set of lesson plans that engage and inspire.

When you step back to focus on process over product, the results fall into place more easily.

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