Links for April 3, 2022

🧬 Complete Human Genome Sequenced for First Time In Major Breakthrough β€” VICE

An amazing scientific milestone:

Scientists have mapped an entire unbroken human genome for the first time, a milestone that completes the groundbreaking work started by the Human Genome Project decades ago, according to a motherlode of new studies published in Science and other journals on Thursday. 

πŸͺ 5,000 Exoplanets: Listen to the Sounds of Discovery β€” NASA [Video]

Speaking of Cosmic Songs:

On March 21, 2022, the number of known exoplanets passed 5,000 according to the NASA Exoplanet Archive. This animation and sonification tracks humanity's discovery of the planets beyond our solar system over time. Turning NASA data into sounds allows users to hear the pace of discovery, with additional information conveyed by the notes themselves.

🎨 New Tab with MoMA

MoMA recently released a new browser extension that's a lot of fun:

Explore MoMA’s collection of modern and contemporary art right from your browser.Discover new and iconic works of art from The Museum of Modern Art each time you open a new tab in Chrome. While using this extension, in each new Chrome tab, you’ll see a different artwork from our collection, ranging from Vincent Van Gogh’s β€œThe Starry Night” to Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s β€œβ€˜Untitled’ (Perfect Lovers).”

🐦 A Fascinating Tweet

"The factory is the product."


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